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Claim everything there is from Degrassi: TNG

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danfanman @ 12:13 am: Claims!
Okay, I checked all the resources pretty thoroughly, but I may have missed some, so sorry if I repeat any of these. But these are the things I would like to claim:

1) Take on Me
2) Drive

1) Marco: That's why you have to write us lyrics! (Battle of the Bands)
2) Marco: So glad I'm not into girls! Okay. *Pause* *Yell*
Craig: Have you lost it?!
Marco: What? Clears my head! (Battle of the Bands)
3) Marco: It's because I'm gay!... (Careless Whisper?)
4) Marco: Spin! Spin! Stop! I hate bees, okay? They're like...flying death monkeys!

1) Craig's mother's gravestone

1) Marco's collection of shirts that he had to choose one of to wear on his date with Dylan. This includes the one he officially wore and the others that he showed Spinner.
2) Marco's earring
3) JT's Mascot outfit

1) The whole scene where Dylan and Marco first kiss in 'It's Raining Men.' From where Marco is talking to Spin about how it was the date from Hell until Dylan asks what Marco is doing on Friday. Love that scene!

1) Marco's Bass
2) Marco's facial features
3) Ashley's voice
4) Dylan's facial features
5) Marco's Bee Phobia

Hey! Can you guess who my favorite character is? Right, Marco! I love Dylan, too! Cute couple! Thank you soooo much and good luck w/ the editing! Great site!

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