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March 8th, 2004

d0tmy_polka @ 05:04 pm: i want to claim the episode "holiday" yes!

March 5th, 2004

sidthekid @ 10:54 pm: Claims!
Here you go. I've.. organized it to make it a bit easier. It's a long list, but I'm not ashamed. I love Degrassi.

Actors: Cassie Steele.

- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
- Holiday
- Fight For Your Right
- Message In A Bottle
- Take My Breath Away
- Karma Chameleon
- Dressed In Black

- The scene where Sean slams the locker in Emma's face.
- The scene where Ashley confronts Paige about the rape.
- The scene where Craig's guitar string breaks from Manny's glare.
- The scene where Spinner blows up a balloon in congrats to Craig.
- The scene where Toby tells Ash about trying out for wrestling.
- The scene where Spinner slams Marco into a wall in the alley.
- The scene where Marco gets bashed.
- The scene where Jimmy disses Spinner about Marco in the bathroom.
- The scene where Manny tells Craig she loves him in the hall.
- The scene where Craig's dad throws the plate down in WDC.
- The scene where Craig and Ashley "pound" their fists before exams.
- The scene where Manny tells Paige off about the Spirit Squad.
- The scene where Marco changes his shirt.
- The scene where Kendra slams Toby into the locker.
- The scene where Ashley tells Craig they should take a break.
- The scene where Sean and Craig are hanging out on the railroad.
- The scene where Craig laughs at his father's funeral.
- The scene where Craig and Sean first meet.
- The scene where Joey confronts Craig about his abuse.
- The scene where Ellie comes to school late.
- The scene where Caitlyn interviews Ellie.
- The scene where the food fight... occurs.
- The scene where Jimmy tries to kiss Ashley but she turns her head.
- The scene where JT and Spinner have a fight in the Dot Grill.
- The scene where Sully slaps Manny's butt.
- The scene where Craig answers the door when Fancy arrives.
- The scene where Manny trips while power-walking towards Sean.
- The scene where Jimmy and Sean get in a fight.
- The scene where Jay and Sean get in a fight.
- The scene where Kendra hops up and down from “Relax.”
- The scene where Craig tears up the dance decorations.
- The scene where Manny feeds cotton candy to Craig.

“Put the shirt on, Archie. You are not dead yet. Put the damn shirt on and go.” (Spike)
“Party people, get ready for some serious tuneage.” (Spinner)
“Is that the sound of your heart pounding? No, wait, it’s mine.” (Manny)
“And how’s my favorite pastry chef?” (Craig)
“Yeah, well – I get around.” (Craig)
“Righty-tidy, lefty-loosey.” (Sean)
“Sorry, Mr. Armstrong; I was just about to throw it out.” (Terri, because of the major accent)
“Miss Goth, Miss Doom and Gloom!” (Craig)
“Do we get crackers?”
“No. Loser.” (Marco, Spinner)
“Come on, Toby. She likes you, you like her…”
“Her brother likes to maim and kill...”
“With his teeth.” (Emma, Toby, JT)
“Hey! Shut up! Let them dance.” (Sean)

- Craig’s hat.
- Marco’s outfit at Jimmy’s place.
- Ashley’s wig from the play.
- Craig’s outfit at the rave.
- Manny’s outfits and jewelry before and after the flipside. Okay, unclaimed only.
- Any sunglasses gone unclaimed.
- Craig’s unclaimed clothes.
- Sean’s holed socks
- Paige’s denim outfit.
- Marco’s shoes.
- Craig’s tux from the song he sang with Manny.
- Liberty’s cape.

- Craig’s pictures (unclaimed ones).
- Manny’s bracelet from Craig.
- Car driven by Craig from “Drive.”
- Ashley’s black luau flowers.
- Craig’s glasses in the play he did with Ashley.
- Marco’s thumb ring.
- Craig’s orange juice glass.
- Roses given to Ashley on Love Day.
- Jimmy’s couch.
- Cafeteria food that hit Craig during the food fight.
- Craig’s mirror.
- Paige’s interview spectacles.
- JT’s fake boobs. For the science fair, of course.
- The green teddy bear JT gave to Paige on their date.

- Jimmy’s apartment.
- Jimmy’s locker.
- Marco’s locker.
- The boys’ and girls’ bathroom at Degrassi.
- Craig’s darkroom.
- The Dot Grill.

- Manny’s smile.
- Manny’s perfect teeth.
- Manny’s hair.
- Manny’s skin.
- Jimmy’s smile.
- Spinner’s tongue ring.
- Craig’s lips.
- Paige’s last name.
- Paige’s nose.
- Hazel’s skin.
- Ashley’s ecstasy pills.
- Craig’s abuses.
- Chris’s weird arm movements at the rave.
- Chris’s percussion.
- Ashley and Jimmy’s first and last break-ups.
- The play from “Never Gonna Give You Up” (including directing!).
- All of Craig and Ashley’s fights.
- All of Emma’s eavesdropping.
- Emma’s perm gone wrong.
- All of Craig’s tears.
- Craig’s garage.
- Ashley’s mirror.
- Paige’s makeup.
- Rick’s psychoness.
- All of JT’s stares at Manny.
- Ashley’s song to Jimmy when they get back together.
- Craig’s bruises.
- Marco and Craig’s cell phones.
- Ashley and Craig’s Christmas song (“I’ll Spend Christmas With You”).
- Spinner and Paige’s tans.
- JT and Paige’s date.
- All Degrassi commercial songs.

February 29th, 2004

iluvtsom @ 10:54 am: Is there something you've always wanted to claim, but couldn't find the right claiming community? Join claim_it_here ! It has every type of claim you could want, eye claims, hair claims, song claims, lj claims, just name your catorgeory! Join today!

February 22nd, 2004

brazenovertures @ 06:04 am: A WORD FROM THE MODERATOR:
Well kids, I stayed up all night and managed to get all the claims updated through December 31. In the next few days I will get to the rest. I have a few questions, favors, and notes for you.

1) If any of you feel so inclined, I am looking to enlist somebody's aid in designing a nice icon for this community. The icon I made for it is mediochre at best. Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.

2) Can anybody tell me what Sully's last name is?

3) Similarly, can anybody tell me what Rick's last name is?

4) Does anybody know the exact lines in the exchange between Spinner and Craig where Spinner compliments Craig on dating two girls and Craig says "I get around" or something to that effect? It's in the episode "Holiday".

I want to have these things correct on the Claims List.

5) This is the most important of all: Before claiming, please please please i beg you, CHECK THE CLAIMS LIST. I understand that many of the repeat claims are my fault for not updating the list, but many people are reclaiming items that have been on the list. If we can keep the repeat claiming to a minimum, my job will be so much easier and the list will be updated faster.

Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to read this. And keep your claims coming!

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gaylez @ 02:29 am: WORD FROM THE MODERATOR-
I finally got a new computer and am back online. I now am going to have to go through the very strenuous task of reading three months worth of claims and updating the claims list. I'm sorry that the community was abandoned for so long. I have updated the user info with my new contact info:

My new journal: I will now be running this community from the username brazenovertures

My new e-mail: I can now be contacted at justtellus@yahoo.com when necessary.

Because the claims list has not been updated in so long, I anticipate a lot of repeat claims. Please don't be offended if I have to deny you your claim and please return to claim again. I'll try to get the claims list fully updated within the next few days. Until then just hang tight and...

Happy Claiming.

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February 19th, 2004

angelsholdher @ 06:35 pm: I know he's no longer a key player, but I've been in love with Joey since I first saw the original episodes... I still love him.. so can I claim Joey?

February 17th, 2004

xsparklinstar3x @ 08:24 pm: pictures from the newest episode shown in canada -- "take on me" go here


thanks to caleida user "trappedinabox"

February 7th, 2004

sophie_is_sad @ 03:55 pm: I wanna claim
Can i claim jt yorke? thanks a bunches

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February 5th, 2004

thetownfetus @ 06:56 pm: I hear Manny's pregnant next season. I claim her baby (or aborted or miscarried fetus).

ourlove_ourguts @ 01:06 am: CLAIM!
i want to claim Terri's ad campaign... MORE GRRL.
hahaha funny shit.

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February 4th, 2004

infinityxcubed @ 11:19 am: hiiii
i want to claim the episode "Jagged Little Pill" because that has to be the funniest shit ever.

February 3rd, 2004

iluvtsom @ 09:54 pm: This is it.. the LAST straw!!!!!!! Yes, I deleted my other post. I am sick and tired of people laughing and making fun of every one of my little mistakes. Well, it won't be the same anymore. No one shall ever be able to make fun of me again... I am going to kill myself.

January 31st, 2004

lilmisscris @ 11:49 pm: Hi! I have a new community called degrassijrhigh. It's a role-play/claims community. It's new so alot of spots are open. Please join =]!! Also, sorry if there is no advertising. Thanx!!

-xo cRi$z

January 27th, 2004

xonexlastxkissx @ 04:43 pm: Hi i*m new to the community, i saw that someone wants to claim sean cameron so i wanna claim daniel clark, if that*s cool. And maybe the scene where sean and emma kiss at the wedding. That would be awesome. thanks so much.


January 23rd, 2004

j1nineteen @ 04:14 pm: online petition
This has nothing to do with claims, but I'm posting it in some of the degrassi forums to get the word out! Its a petition to The-N. As most of you know they do not plan on airing the 2nd half of season 3 until June / July. This is a petition to get them to show them sooner! Please sign and pass along.


Thank you.

January 22nd, 2004

oosuganspicexx @ 09:05 pm: Hey i have a new role-play/claims community! It's called DegrassiJrHigh! PLease join! There's so much available! Thanx!

p.s. sorry if i cant advertise here!

January 21st, 2004

lilmisscris @ 10:29 pm: im sorry im so greedy but i <3 degrassi too much....

can i claim the song craig sings to ashley?
-ellie's camera
-the line "I don't want to be friends with a stuck-up prude princess" by Manny
-ashley's ecstasy
- and the scene when Paige tells Ashley she was raped

thank you soo fcuking much !!!! mwahhz <333

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lilmisscris @ 10:17 pm: Can i please claim Sean Cameron?!?!? thank you soo much!! <33

xxwonderfulxx @ 05:35 pm: how do u kno weather or not u can claim wat u requested?

January 18th, 2004

thetownfetus @ 09:57 pm: To claim
Can I claim this?
Craig: "It's not the locker I don't like, Manny. It's you."

January 13th, 2004

redstarrr @ 08:18 pm: can i claim the actor Aubrey Graham I'd be the happiest person ever ;D

January 12th, 2004

facethetruth513 @ 06:11 pm: Hi! My name is Kada and I just joined. I was wondering if I could possibly claim Ellie's guitar from "Weird Science"? That would mean so much to me and I would definately love to have the protractor she cuts herself with in "Whisper To A Scream"!!
Thanks so much!

January 11th, 2004

xxwonderfulxx @ 02:04 pm: hey
hey can i claim the following..
when Emma meets her real dad
when JT tries to beat up Dean at the game
"What are you gonna write next, something about me being black?" i kno someone else claimed it but they dont have an account anymore.. so i wasnt sure if it was up for claims
"never gonna give you up"

thanks a bunch

January 10th, 2004

tigerxsocks @ 10:39 am: new community
name the people you hate:


People suck. We all know it. But these people have gone over the line of sucking, and are only welcomed at douche central. Cuz theyre douches! So if you hate someone and think they deserve to be douches- join us and tell us about them, why they are douches, and why we should hate them!!!

sorry mods if your not allowed to advertise...just delete my post then...


January 4th, 2004

little_defect @ 05:25 pm: im not sure if someone already claimed her but the person who had her claimed doesnt have the accout anymore so if possible i would like to clain Ellie Nash

ericacartman @ 12:59 pm: Claiming...
Can I claim the character Joey Jeramiah? (I believe that's how you spell his last name). Thanks! He's such hot stuff...

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January 1st, 2004

thexlovexbelow @ 08:23 pm: ok, i would like to claim the following, please.

scenes -

- the scene when Dylan shows Marco how to hit a volley ball.
- the scene with Dylan and Marco on the rocks together.
- the scene when Marco runs out of the restaurant, followed by Spinner, and Marco tells Spinner he's gay.

costumes -

- Marco's beach costume/outfit in Pride
- Liberty's Tina Turner costume for the dance.

miscellaneous -

- JT's new hairstyle (season three)
- marco's denim jacket.

characters -

- spike simpson-nelson
- manny santos
- liberty van zandt

ok, i know it looks like a TON, but, i love degrassi. and the person who claimed JT's new hairstyle, doesn't even have the account anymore. could i have it?

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December 30th, 2003

caitykenz @ 09:45 pm: OH!
oh and i want to claim the scene it mother and child renuion when snake grabs jordan by the throat and threatens to kill him! YOU GO SNAKE!
and can anyone forget the scene where spinner screams in the tanning booth! i claim that scene too!

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caitykenz @ 09:34 pm: Hey
Hey, its me caitlin. not my real name of course, but i like it so i use it online. since im here, i need to claim a few things back from sierra that were mine to start, not to mention some new things!
SEAN(move over sierra, he is so mine!)
Baby Jack( Is he not the cutest thing!)
Lily( Okay, wrong show, but since im claiming things, ill take Travis from RFR too!)

Daniel Clark! OH YEAH!

the one when Emma and Sean start making out and Kendra walks by.
When Ellie and Paige fight in the hallway about Ellie cutting herself

ill think of more later... count on it!

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perfectmistakes @ 06:07 pm: May I claim some stuff since I am new here?
Hey. It is little me, Sierra. I am 15 and in love with Degrassi. My friend Caitlin got me into it like couple months ago and ever since I havent miss one episode (even the countless reruns) :D Anyway I would like to claim somethings if you dont mind. Here is my list.

the actor who plays Spinner
the actor who plays Sean
the actor who plays Craig

Body Parts:
Sean's eyes
Sean's lips
Sean's dimples
Sean's eyebrows
Spinner's hair
Craig's hair

Craig's camera
Craig's Gutiar
Craig's leather jacket
Sean's headphones/cd player
Sean's beanie
Sean's bandana
Sean's white tank/shirt
Sean's sweatshirts, the ones that he wears the hoods
Sean's demin jacket
Sean's demin jeans
Spinner's necklace he always wears
Spinner's drums
Spinner's drumsticks
Spinner's skateboard
Spinner's "boner shield" (lol love that)

Misc. Stuff:
Spinner's smile
Spinner's stance (the one where he has his legs apart and his arms folded)
Spinner's voice
Spinner's way of speaking/acting
Spinner's drum playing ability
Spinner's addiction to ez cheez
Sean's smile
Sean's voice
Sean's bad boy image
Sean's bad boy attitude
Sean's many expressions
Craig's voice
Craig's artistic ability to take great photos
Craig's ability to play the gutiar well
The scene where Sean and Ashley kiss in "jagged little pill"
The scene where Sean calls Ashley up and asks her out. (forgot what episode)
The scene where Sean pays the other dollar of Asley's lunch
The line where the lunch lady says "saved by your knight in shining denim"
Marco's bravery when he comes out of the closet
Spinner's homophobia
The scene where Sean switches the ectasy with the asprin. (not the part wher ashley takes the drug)
The outfit Craig wears to the eighties dance. {so hott!} (the little sid vicious outfit I think)
The episode "Weird Science"
Every time Spinner gets a boner in "weird science"

*~*~*That is all for now I guess if I find more things I must claim I will come back and write another list. *sighs* *~*~*
Sierra P.

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iheartxdorks @ 10:29 pm: characters Sean Cameron
actorsmiriam mcdonald [i forget her lasted name..]
episodes gansta gansta
miscillanious craigs band
costumes emma's costume in 'Father Figure' and in 'U Got The Look'

thats it for now....lol

December 28th, 2003

miss_paola @ 02:35 pm: x-posted in all degrassi communities I am a part of
I started a community called degrassi_art and it's a community to showcase your degrassi orinated graphics. I hope people join :)

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December 27th, 2003

mai4tifydh2o @ 04:12 am: Pretty, pretty please?
I would like to claim:
Quotes"Are you aware that your underpants are showing?"
"Are you aware that I don't care." (Liberty and Manny)

Liberty hosting the pregame announcements.

When Spinner and Paige try to get tans for the Hawaiian Dance and Spinner and up like a pumpkin and Paige justs gets fried.

JT's wet dream about Liberty

When Craig and Manny had sex

Sean and Ashley's makeout session


Craig's little sister, Angie

PropsManny's doodles.

Liberty's Haiku dedicated to JT

December 26th, 2003

_ellienash @ 01:27 pm: I'd also like to claim the song "Poor thing"

_ellienash @ 01:21 pm: I would like to claim Stacey Farber
- The scene where Ellie says, "What are you my counclor?"
- Ellie's braided pigtails
-Ellie's plaid skirt


December 25th, 2003

green3y3ddolly @ 12:08 am: it's MINE BABY
I don't know if these are exact but I claim...

"You dance like a wounded polar bear" ~Jimmy
"Love isn't luck...love is being with the right one" ~Ahh her name...joey's ex...ARG...

And...I claim every kiss that was kissed by Manny...

Everything of Elies that's hot pink and black together

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December 23rd, 2003

ourlove_ourguts @ 04:27 pm: it's christmas time.. and as a gift to myself, I am claiming...
-WINDOWS (you know what I mean)
-Principal Raditch
-Ms. Hatzilakos
-Liberty's line:
"My dad says that if another one of those ragamuffins touches his car again, he's going to call the mayor. my dad knows the mayor"
-when Spinner calls Paige "HoneyBee" at the start of "father figure"
-Emma's blood stained white skirt

okie, all for now. :)

p.s.- If you didn't catch Cassie Steele (Manny) last night in "Full Court Miracle" last night on the Disney Channel, it'll be on again on the 27th

yay okie thanks danny <3

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candidlily @ 01:46 am: Can I claim Marco's outfit from Pride...the one with the jersey? That's all for now but let me just say that this community is an awesome idea!

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December 21st, 2003

thinkorange127 @ 04:23 pm: Yay, I went through a lot of episodes and thought up a lot of things I'd like to claim!

-"Do you see any underwear?"
"That's right. Because I'm not wearing any." (Manny and Emma)
-"You're overreacting."
"Craig, my father is brain-damaged!"
"Well, at least you have a dad. Last time I checked, you had two." (Craig and Emma)
-Kendra Mason
-The scene where Craig asks Manny to dance, and not Emma
-every time Spinner does the robot
-"This girl, she likes to party all the time." (Liberty)
-Emma's 80's hair from "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
-The scene where Ashley's 9th grade picture is taken

your_other_left @ 12:29 am: im new
okay, may i claim the scene where hazel climbs on toby & kisses him? even if its dare or whatever its hott lol. its new from a commercial. & may i claim craigs rock tee that he wore for the 100 most intense moments? <3 amelia EDIT! & may i have emmas LOVE tee & then craigs camera? <3

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December 20th, 2003

smalltownworld @ 06:01 pm: I'd like to claim the scen in "Holiday" when JT says "Looks like they won't be spending Christmas together" when Ashley hits Craig during their presentation.

Hehe, I <3 JT.

hostilehostel @ 03:49 pm: I would like to claim from "holiday":

The scene where Ashley slaps Craig onstage.
The ice-skating bracelet music. (You know, everytime they open the box and this tinkly music plays)
Toby's weird Chanukah presentation.

oneplasticsorry @ 05:25 am: I claim the face Craig makes when Ashley rips the guitar out of his hand.

I also wish to claim Manny jumping on Craig and kissing him in the skating rink.

December 19th, 2003

thinkorange127 @ 10:31 pm: whoops i didnt mean Marco's jacket. instead, i'll claim the scarf Manny made for Craig :-P

thinkorange127 @ 10:25 pm: i'm new but i'd love to claim Caitlin Ryan and Marco's denim jacket

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December 14th, 2003

r0cks0lidnamez @ 09:39 pm: id like to claim in the upcomming episode commerical where spinner goes

manny and ashley who could ask for more(or something)
and craig replies
what can i say i just get around

hellokelly @ 12:06 pm: I'd like to claim Marco's line from the play during the last episode:

"Mama? Are you there?"

I cracked up everytime he said this.. lol

December 13th, 2003

pink987654321 @ 11:29 pm: 1. can i claim spinner's boxers?
2. can i claim hugs from jimmy?
3. can i claim all things winter on degrassi?? [ice skating, holidays, etc etc]

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i_meant_it @ 05:27 pm: NEW
Can I claim this line:
"I do do doodling interpretations" -JT

( Hopefully I spelt it right. )

December 11th, 2003

ilikenightmares @ 08:18 pm: I'd like to claim Joey's fedora and Terri's boyfriend, Rick. Even if he is abusive...my god is he gorgeous. ;)

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