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You've always wanted to own it. Grab your own piece of it. Claim characters, actors, episodes, scenes, lines, costumes, props, sets, whatever you want.

Some little rules: Allow me to make it VERY clear that something may only be claimed once. Before making your claims, please check the claims list and try to go back a few a few entries to make sure it hasn't been claimed since the last update of the claims list.

Also, no user can claim both a character and the actor who plays them. It's greedy. All past claims are exempt from this rule.

The Claims

Paige Michalchuk-gaylez
Dylan Michalchuk-silverana
Craig Manning-xperfectwings
Archie "Snake" Simpson-psychobiddy
Marco Del Rossi-llamamama_tf5
Spinner Mason-llamamama_tf5
Ellie Nash-so_very_cherryx
Emma Nelson-bunnirific
Ashley Kerwin-hostilehostel
Toby Isaacs-fallengurl
Jimmy Brooks-little_bubble
Chris Sharpe-little_bubble
Manny Santos-j1nineteen
JT Yorke-r0cks0lidnamez
Caitlyn Ryan-thinkorange127
Kendra Mason-thinkorange127
Principal Raditch-ourlove_ourguts
Ms. Hatzilakos-ourlove_ourguts
Angela Jeremiah-mai4tifydh2o
Jack Simpson-caitykenz
Sean Cameron-perfectmistakes

Adamo Ruggiero-gaylez
Jake Epstein-xperfectwings
Stefan Brogren-psychobiddy
Shane Kippel-llamamama_tf5
Ryan Cooley-fallengurl
Stacey Farber-xdarkness_ownsx
John Bregar-the_executioner
Melissa McIntyre-onlyashes
Lauren Collins-j1nineteen
Aubrey Graham-rolem0del
Daniel Clark-caitykenz

"When Doves Cry"-smalltownworld
"Tears Are Not Enough"-fallengurl
"Whisper to a Scream"-xdarkness_ownsx
"Should I Stay or Should I Go?"-xhigh_on_life
"Against All Odds"-little_bubble
"How Soon Is Now?"-little_bubble
"Weird Science"-perfectmistakes
"Gangsta Gangsta"-iheartxdorks

the scence with marco in the maple leaves jersey with the dopey smile at dylan-silverana
the scene when Jimmy comforts Marco in the park-psychobiddy
the scene in the kitchen when emma gets home from meeting Shane for the first time-gaylez
the scene when Spinner is trying to ask Terri to dance-hellokelly
the scene where Ashley and Craig act out that scene from Taming of the Shrew-mauraizsketty
the scene with Marco and Spinner in the washroom-fallengurl
the scene when Marco and Ellie film their commercial-prointennis
the scene when Paige sings "Poor Thing"-tigerxsocks
the scene where Craig sings to Ashley-onlyashes
the scene when Spinner has to improv with Paige and then get a boner-xhigh_on_life
the scene when Spinner is squirting the Easy Cheese in his mouth in "Drive"-xhigh_on_life
the scene where Spinner, Marco, and Jimmy are studying on Jimmy's couch and watching porn-squee777
the scene where Chris beats the drum beat on Emma's chest-tigerxsocks
the scene where Sean pushes Jay and it looks like he has a seizure-fourmoreblocks
the scene where Manny has the daydream about Craig and her singing and dancing-tigerxsocks
the scene where Spinner and Marco are running around the couch when Spinner is choking-pink987654321
the scene where Emma kisses Sean at the wedding-little_starr
the scene when Hazel is talking to Manny and Manny says "Life's too short." and then Craig walks by and stops with an awkward look on his face-xhigh_on_life
the scene when JT almost kisses Liberty-r0cks0lidnamez
the scene when Manny jumps on Craig and kisses him in the skating rink-oneplasticsorry
the scene where Ashley slaps Craig onstage-hostilehostel
Toby's Chanukah presentation-hostilehostel
the scene where Hazel kisses Toby-your_other_left
the scene where Craig asks Manny to dance-thinkorange127
Spinner doing the robot-thinkorange127
the scene where Ashley gets her 9th grade photo taken-thinkorange127
the scene when Spinner calls Paige "HoneyBee"-ourlove_ourguts
Liberty hosting the pregame announcements-mai4tifydh2o
the scene where Spinner and Paige try to get tans-mai4tifydh2o
the scene where JT has a wet dream over Liberty-mai4tifydh2o
the scene when Craig and Manny hook up-mai4tifydh2o
the scene with Sean and Ashley's make out session-mai4tifydh2o
the scene where Sean and Emma make out and Kendra walks by-caitykenz
the scene when Ellie and Paige fight in the hallway about Ellie's cutting-caitykenz
the scene where Sean calls Ashley to ask her out-perfectmistakes
the scene where Sean pays for Ashley's lunch-perfectmistakes
the scene where Sean switches the ecstacy for aspirin-perfectmistakes
the scene when Snake grabs Jordan by the throat and threatens to kill him-caitykenz
the scene where Spinner screams in the tanning booth-caitykenz

"How old am I?" (Kendra)-gaylez
"Emma Nelson; environmental cruisader, a babysitter, a nurse!"
"Snake has cancer, Sean."
"Yeah, I heard!" (Sean and Emma)-ourlove_ourguts
"I made $500 today being a plus-sized model. Yeah -- plus-sized. How much did you make today, ice cream boy?!?" (Terri)-psychobiddy
"Are you aware that I can see your underpants?" (Liberty)-psychobiddy
"Holy make-out hair." (Ashley)-squee777
"No, not homo as in gay. Homo as in--"
"Milk?" (Spinner and Dylan)-psychobiddy
"What are you gonna write next, something about me being black?" (Jimmy)--so_very_cherryx
"Wow, she really is flat as a board." (Jay's girlfriend)-ourlove_ourguts
"You dance like a wounded polar bear."
"So you're saying I can't dance cause I'm white?"
"No, I'm saying you can't dance cause you suck."
"I get it. Polar bears are white, I'm white, and you're racist." (Jimmy and Spinner)-smalltownworld
"What about you, Marco? You're mom's in the music biz."
"She teaches piano!" (Spinner and Marco)-smalltownworld
"It's so hard pretending to be something that you're not." (Ellie and Marco)-fallengurl
"Eh?" (anyone)-squee777
"aboot" (anyone)-squee777
"George Michael?!"-xdarkness_ownsx
"Ellie...I like you... alot."-xdarkness_ownsx
"Ellie...I'm gay." (Marco)-xdarkness_ownsx
"It's gonna be intense." (The-N)-dogdammit
"What could be more serious than a mammal that lays eggs?" (Emma)-fourmoreblocks
"I'm fine, ok? So just leave me alone." (Marco)-prointennis
"You, me, some music...my bed." (Ashley)-onlyashes
"Em, you can get pregnant now!" (Manny)-hostilehostel
"Our book is called 'I Heard the Owl Call My..."
"Gymshorts?" (Emma and JT)-hostilehostel
"Who needs friends whn you're hot" (Manny)-xhigh_on_life
"We are going to party!"
"No parties."
"No girls."
"No booze."
"Now that i can do." (Spinner and Craig)-xhigh_on_life
"Seeing naked ladies doesn't burn my eyes out." (Marco)-squee777
"No talking about the environment. The environment is not sexy. Don't talk about it." (Manny)-squee777
I'm otally fine with Marco's... gay-osity." (Spinner)-psychobiddy
"I don't want to be friends wih the school slut." (Emma)-tigerxsocks
"The drapes, Spin. I was looking at the drapes." (Marco)-tigerxsocks
"I am studying...studying her." (Jimmy)-xhigh_on_life
"Yeah, unlike my man Slim hady over there I actually read it." (Chris)-little_bubble
"Don't talk to me, you slut" (Jimmy)-little_bubble
"Are you aware that I don't care?" (Manny)-lightupmyroom
"Sucks to be straight." (Paige)-hostilehostel
"I don't wanna have to explain this bootylicious makeover to my mom." (Emma)-r0cks0lidnamez
"I do do doodling interpretations." (JT)-i_meant_it
"Mama? Are you there?" (Marco)-hellokelly
"Looks like they won't be spending Christmas together." (JT)-smalltownworld
"Do you see any underwear?"
"That's right. Because I'm not wearing any." (Manny and Emma)-thinkorange127
"You're overreacting."
"Craig, my father has brain damage!"
"Well, at least you have a father. Last time I checked you had two." (Craig and Emma)-thinkorange127
"This girl, she likes to party all the time." (Liberty)-thinkorange127
"My dad says that if one of those ragamuffins touches his car again, he's going to call the mayor. My dad knows the mayor." (Liberty)-ourlove_ourguts
"Love isn't luck. Love is being with the right one." (Caitlyn)-green3y3ddolly
"What are you, my counselor?" (Ellie)-_ellienash
"Saved by your knight in shining denim." (Sheila)-perfectmistakes

Craig's Sid Vicious costume-psychobiddy
ash's shirt she wears under the orange tank top in "should i stay or should i go?"-so_very_cherryx
Manny's thong-so_very_cherryx
Emma's wardrobe-bunnirific
Marco's opening credits outfit-squee777
Ashley's new makeup (season 3)-xdarkness_ownsx
Ashley's outfit at the S.I.T.E. meeting-xdarkness_ownsx
Ashley's wardrobe-xdarkness_ownsx
JT's sunglasses-xdarkness_ownsx
JT's head-to-toe red outfit-dogdammit
Marco's costume when he gets bashed-prointennis
Craig's shoes-onlyashes
Ellie's pink and black arm warmers-xhigh_on_life
Jimmy's 50Cent shirt-brunttcndy
Ashley's black and pink lightening shirt-_fallingfaster
Emma's outfit at the rave-r0cks0lidnamez
Manny's outfit at the rave-r0cks0lidnamez
Joey's fedora-ilikenightmares
Spinner's boxers-pink987654321
Craig's scarf from Manny-thinkorange127
Craig's "Rock" tee shirt-your_other_left
Emma's "LOVE" tee shirt-your_other_left
Marco's Maple Leafs Jersey-candidlily
Emma's blood-stained skirt-ourlove_ourguts
Ellie's black and hot pink clothes-green3y3ddolly
Ellie's plaid skirt-_ellienash
Craig's leather jacket-perfectmistakes
Sean's beanie-perfectmistakes
Sean's bandana-perfectmistakes
Sean's white tank top-perfectmistakes
Sean's hooded sweatshirt-perfectmistakes
Sean's denim jacket-perfectmistakes
Sean's jeans-perfectmistakes
Spinner's necklace-perfectmistakes
Emma's costumes in "Father Figure"-ilovexdorks
Emma's costumes in "U Got the Look"-ilovexdorks

the picture Craig took of Emma and Shane-mauraizsketty
Toby's school pictures-hellokelly
Spike's pregnancy test-ourlove_ourguts
Jimmy's I-Pod-hostilehostel
JT's crate-xdarkness_ownsx
JT's skateboard-xdarkness_ownsx
JT's helmet-xdarkness_ownsx
JT's backpack-xdarkness_ownsx
Ellie's backpack-xdarkness_ownsx
Marco's mirror-prointennis
Ellie's protractor-dogdammit
Ellie's mother's vodka bottles-dogdammit
Craig's camera-little_starr
Spinner's spray cheese-brunttcndy
Craig's guitar-rolem0del
Manny's doodles-mai4tifydh2o
Sean's CD player/headphones-perfectmistakes
Spinner's drums-perfectmistakes
Spinner's drumsticks-perfectmistakes
Spinner's skateboard-perfectmistakes
Spinner's "boner sheild" binder-perfectmistakes

the MI lab-gaylez
JT's locker-xdarkness_ownsx
Ellie's locker-xdarkness_ownsx
the first set of Marco and Ellie's commercial-prointennis

JT's wet dream-gaylez
the song "Everybody Wants Something" by Zit Remedy-psychobiddy
the song "Poor Thing" by PMS-silverana
JT's new hairstyle (season 3)-so_very_cherryx
all of Craig and Manny's sexual experiences-mauraizsketty
every guilt trip-mauraizsketty
Ashley's hair-hostilehostel
Craig's song for Ashley-hostilehostel
Craig, Jimmy, Marco, and Spinner's band-smalltownworld
kisses from the Grade 10 guys-smalltownworld
the "Cinderella" song-smalltownworld
Sean's biceps-smalltownworld
Marco's hair (season 3)-squee777
Ellie's hair-xdarkness_ownsx
Ellie's family-xdarkness_ownsx
Sean's haiku-dogdammit
Emma's love for saving the world-tigerxsocks
opening credits-fourmoreblocks
theme song-fourmoreblocks
every time Spinner farts-xhigh_on_life
every time any character watches or looks at porn-psychobiddy
Paige's maturity in handling Ellie's cutting-dogdammit
Paige being nice to Ellie-pink987654321
Manny's reaction to Craig's song for Ashley-glassraindrops
the song "I Don't Want to Be Me"-_fallingfaster
Jimmy's hugs-pink987654321
Degrassi winters-pink987654321
Craig's expression when Ashley rips the guitar out of his hands-oneplasticsorry
the ice-skate bracelet music-hostilehostel
Emma's 80's hair-thinkorange127
Manny's kisses-green3y3ddolly
Liberty's haiku-mai4tifydh2o
Sean's eyes-perfectmistakes
Sean's lips-perfectmistakes
Sean's dimples-perfectmistakes
Sean's eyebrows-perfectmistakes
Spinner's hair-perfectmistakes
Craig's hair-perfectmistakes
Spinner's smile-perfectmistakes
Spinner's stance-perfectmistakes
Spinner's voice-perfectmistakes
Spinner's way of speaking/being-perfectmistakes
Spinner's drum playing ability-perfectmistakes
Spinner's addiction to spray cheese-perfectmistakes
Sean's smile-perfectmistakes
Sean's voice-perfectmistakes
Sean's bad boy image-perfectmistakes
Sean's bad boy attitude-perfectmistakes
Sean's facial expressions-perfectmistakes
Craig's voice-perfectmistakes
Craig's photography skills-perfectmistakes
Craig's guitar talent-perfectmistakes
Marco's bravery-perfectmistakes
Spinner's homophobia-perfectmistakes
Spinner's boners-perfectmistakes

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